We loved the job done by Blue Label Granite!

We loved the job done by Blue Label Granite!  I interacted with 4 fabricators and 4 granite yards in my initial research.  Abby at Blue Label responded more quickly and consistently than any of the other fabricators.  Her quotes were both more thorough and lower in price than any of the other fabricators.  

Also, they were able and willing to schedule the installation within a week.  I was amazed.  On the day of installation, the team was very professional and fast. Unfortunately, there was one major problem that came up.  But Blue Label was willing to fix it the next day at their own expense.  

A few days after installation, we got a visit from several from the leadership team to make sure that we were happy with everything.  They even added an extra bead of grout that we requested.  We were very happy with all aspects of our interactions with Blue Label Granite and recommend this company to others as a result.

Bob S

From Yelp. Five Stars.