I still can't believe it!

Good, cheap and fast. My father told me you could usually get two of those but never three. My father was wrong. I am not easily impressed but I have to hand it to these ladies. Abbie, measured on Wednesday and installed on the following Thursday. I still can't believe it. I thought granite took weeks or months.

There was absolutely nothing I could complain about. I bought white quartzite. It was perfect. They did the counter, the bar and the backsplash for $2800!. Granted, this was a small condo but the price was much lower than expected.

This is a condo I was getting ready to rent. Days after Blue Label was done and paid Abbie came back by to make sure we were happy. And she brought me a cutting board she had made from the sink cut out.

Cheap, good and fast. Sorry dad.

- Rick Culleton

From Google. Five Stars.